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Established late 2019, the IMANU project follows an already impressive chapter in drum & bass. Breaking through at the age of just 16 with a highly distinctive and technical brutalist style, he made a remarkable impression in a very short space of time. However, this was only a hint at what was to come. Now in his early 20s, IMANU has already been responsible for releases on significant labels such as VISION, Deadbeats, Heaven Sent, UKF and mau5trap, he’s remixed the likes of Apashe, TOKiMONSTA and What So Not & Skrillex and already collaborated with fellow kindred, unclassifiable spirits like Sleepnet, Mefjus and Buunshin. Many more are expected to drop in due course.


December, 03
Cross Club, Prague, CZ
December, 10
Printworks, London, UK
Noisia Final London Show
December, 17
Melkweg, Amsterdam, NL
Noisia Invites (Final Edition)


December, 03
Cross Club, Prague, CZ
December, 10
Printworks, London, UK
Noisia Final London Show
December, 17
Melkweg, Amsterdam, NL
Noisia Invites (Final Edition)
January, 29
RDM Onderzeebootloods, Rotterdam, NL
Korsakov Weekender


IMANU x The Caracal Project x Leotrix - Gaspin 4 Air

Straight eboy music to ya dome 


HYPRESSION has been one of my favourite house producers for a while, and when I moved to broadening my sound, it just made sense to work together. I think our sounds come together really nicely in Buried, and I'm stoked to release what is one of the most requested songs from my Secret Sky set.

IMANU - A Taste Of Hope (Hallowvale)

Music to DM your crush to 🌹

IMANU - Skin To Skin

Skin To Skin is a track I started on Twitch and finished on Discord in 2020. One of the first tracks that really pushed me out of my comfort zone. Stoked (and a little nervous) to see and hear what you think of it

Sleepnet & IMANU - Glass Hearts

 A song with one of my biggest musical inspirations

IMANU - A Taste Of Hope

Runescape inspired lofi business to cry in the bathtub to 

Apashe, High Klassified, Cherry Lena - I'm Fine (IMANU Remix)

My first ever house release! One of my favourite things that I've written, and I hope you'll enjoy it too

YULTRON & shYbeast - Got The Blood (IMANU Remix)

My remix for YULTRON & shYbeast

RayRay & DJ Soda - Obsession (IMANU remix)

My remix for Ray Ray & DJ Soda


For this remix EP I’ve curated a list of some of my personal favorite producers. A healthy mix of club, chill and cool to sort out all your musical needs.

IMANU - Fuji

 A track inspired by my friend eating an apple over our Discord call! 

RL Grime & Juelz - Formula (IMANU Remix)

My remix of RL Grime and Juelz's Formula is available as a free download now! Big thanks to Juelz for letting me remix this one <3

IMANU & Icicle - Preamble

Preamble is my first collaboration with Icicle and shows a mix of industrial techno and tech D&B. Hard kicks and a rumbly bass drive the track alongside analog synths.

TOKiMONSTA - Love That Never (IMANU remix)

I got the amazing opportunity to do an official remix for TOKiMONSTA. I chose "Love That Never" and turned it into a modern future bass/halftime tune! Hope you'll enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it

IMANU - Cheren

Cheren EP shows a big contrast between pre and post COVID times. Nagow and Cheren are two synth-heavy dancefloor oriented Drum & Bass tracks, while Whatever It Takes and the aptly named Music To Stay In Your House To show a totally different sound, partially created on Twitch with random submitted samples, and spacious sounds to vibe to.

IMANU - Nagow

Nagow is what happens when you put Buunshin and I in the same room for too long, also it's an anagram of wagon!

IMANU - Memento

I made 6 tunes showcasing what I think is cool around D&B tempo! Everything from Flume inspired stuff and almost Industrial Hardcore, back to Hip-Hop, Trap and even my favorite cheesecake, fused into one trip. Hope you’ll enjoy it.

IMANU - Bloom

I made this track after binging Lapalux, Sophie and Flume for weeks straight, I felt that these crazy granulised and off-grid sounds could work with a oversimplified drum pattern at D&B tempo.

Machinedrum & Holly - Berry Patch (IMANU Remix)

From the EP 'Berry Patch: Blended'.

Black Sun Empire & IMANU - Parallels

Black Sun Empire join forces with IMANU, resulting in a stunning melodic track slowly climaxing into darkness. -UKF

Halogenix & IMANU - Technoid

A huge atmospheric, industrial strength piece of drum & bass that has been taking Critical dance floors by storm.

Mefjus & IMANU - Transit

Inspired by Sci-Fi films and ISS night sky viewings during studio sessions, Transit marks the first ever collaboration between Mefjus and IMANU.


EGO showcases a variety of styles in the 172 BPM range and features a couple of long-awaited tunes, so I’m glad to finally get it out there.

Apashe - Dies Irae (Remix)

John Apashe and I had been talking on social media for quite a bit, when he said he was looking for artists to remix tracks from his EP. I took the job and I had a lot of fun making a more US-suited halftime track with a lot of bass design. Hope you dig it!

What So Not & Skrillex - Goh (Remix)

It was a great honour to do an official remix for two of my favourite artists. Walter (my manager) told me that I could choose a track from the album to remix, and I jokingly said "I want the one with Skrillex!". Well, here we are  I put my own halftime vibe on it, with a techy D&B switch.

Camo & Krooked - Black or White (Remix)

After hearing the original track premiered on RedBull, I immediately sent a message to Markus Krooked, begging him to let me remix it. I felt touched by the melodies and amazing vocals from Tasha Baxter, and really wanted to put my own touch on it. I'm quite happy with the end result!